Welcome to the OSRC

<<<< Owen Sound Revolver Club is now OPEN as of Monday May 25 2020  >>>>
<<<< Due to the Covid-19 regulations currently in effect, special Policies and Procedures are in effect.  See the Members Info page to find the document. >>>>

<<<< Date stickers for existing membership cards, and cards for new members, will be distributed once the club is re-opened. >>>>

Welcome to the Owen Sound Revolver Club, established in 1931. We are a PRIVATE club for members and their guests. Currently, we are accepting applications for new members. The Owen Sound Revolver Club provides the encouragement of organized shooting for its members and guests.  Our aim (pardon the pun) is to promote development of the safe handling and use of firearms in a group environment while furthering the characteristics of honesty, self discipline, team development, and good fellowship among shooters.

The Owen Sound Revolver Club ‘houses’ courses for new shooters to gain the experience and licenses they require to enter the sport of target shooting. Our Mentor Program further extends support to new shooters to help them learn the safety techniques and skills to improve their target shooting experience.

League shooting is offered for multiple disciplines and our members are encouraged to participate in these events.

The Owen Sound Revolver Club is also a social place where members meet to shoot together and shoot the bull. Family shooting is a great way to spend time together and learn new skills you can take home with you.

The OSRC also works to be part of and to help the Owen Sound community where we can. Come and join our growing and exciting group!

OSRC Crest