Applications for membership may be submitted.  Do not send payment at this time.

Membership at the Owen Sound Revolver Club is on an annual basis and renews December 31st of each year.  New applications received after June 30th of the year will receive a prorated discount off the annual rates.

Family membership forms must be completed by each family member who wishes to participate in target shooting.  Junior members are included in Family Memberships while they are attending school and are under the age of 21.

Note:  Do NOT send a cheque with your application.  New applicants must attend a brief introductory session at the Club before submitting payment and proceeding with processing of the application.

2022 Membership Dues

Unchanged from 2021

New Member  Single Membership Dues                                          $210
Includes CSSA membership/insurance

The difference between a New Member and a Renewal is a $10 fee for the Club Level Safety Course.

Annual Single Membership Renewal                                                $200
Includes mandatory CSSA membership/insurance

Annual Family Membership Fee                                                        $275
Includes mandatory CSSA membership/insurance

Plus $10 per family member attending Club Level Safety Course.

Applications AFTER June 30, 2022

New Member Single Membership                                                     $110
Includes mandatory CSSA membership/insurance & safety Course

New Family Membership                                                                    $145
Includes mandatory CSSA membership/insurance & safety course

Plus $10 per family member attending Club Level Safety Course.

Canadian Shooting Sports Association (CSSA) annual fees are $45/single, $80/family which are included in your dues.

Membership Expiry is December 31 of each calendar year.

All applications for membership are reviewed by the club’s Board of Directors at their monthly executive meetings.

When a new applicant is approved, a compulsory orientation/safety program must be completed. You must contact the Chief Firearms Office of Ontario in order to ensure that your PAL (RPAL) has the proper endorsement to legally transport your handguns to and from the club.

Please download the Membership Application and related documents from the links below, print and complete it, and mail it to:

Owen Sound Revolver Club
P.O. Box 52
Owen Sound, Ontario
N4K 5P1    

Prospective Member Letter Latest revision Feb. 16th., 2022 JC

2022 Membership Application March 5th. 2021 last Rev.

Current Membership Fees