Lakeshore Small Bore Association


The L.S.B.A. (Lakeshore Small Bore Association) is a series of matches shot once a month, put together many years ago by a group of clubs along Lake Ontario.

The matches were a winter activity designed to eliminate the travelling to other clubs (shoot at your own club) and allowed shooters to compete by having all the scores mailed to one location.

The various classes were all for .22 RF rifles.  Air rifle and air pistol were added later.

Two of the last classes added were Hunter Rifle Prone and Hunter Rifle Standing. These classes are designed to create participation. The rifle can be any .22 RF rifle you might have, with or without a scope, and Match Rifles are excluded. This allows participants to be as competitive as they wish without having to buy another rifle or any expensive accessories.

The standing class was designed for pistol clubs where the shooting positions do not facilitate the prone position and allow more variety and opportunity to shoot. All classes are factored to allow shooters with different ability levels to be competitive and there are awards at the end of the season. We always have a couple of different time slots available every month at our club.

So, dust off that rifle you have in the back of the gun safe and come to the range!!  Bring the family or a friend.

Winter Matches:

LSBA Announcement:
Some past years (including last year), Owen Sound had participated in the LSBA (Lake Shore Smallbore Association) matches.
Dave Fritz ran these for us last year and I have agreed to run these matches at OSRC for the 2019/20 season.
I have been in contact with the statistician / convenor – Lou Anderson, and have confirmed that the previously arranged reduced fee structure for our Club will continue to apply for this season.
We will offer Air Pistol, Air Rifle, .22 Indoor Silhouette, .22 Hunter rifle (standing and prone). These are classed events, so you are competing with those in your class (Lou sends out results by email on a monthly basis and it’s nice to see how you compare to others and your past matches). 3 of the 5 monthly entries are used for the awards (lowest 2 scores can be dropped – bonus!) and just 3 entries are needed to be eligible for awards.
1) My contact info is below, interested members can contact me for more info, practice target templates and general competition rules.
2) ONTarget membership is required for Air Pistol and Air Rifle, but is not required for Indoor Silhouette or Hunter Rifle.
3) Fee of $5.00/ event /month for this season. The fee covers prizes, awards and targets.
6) Owen Sound LSBA Match dates: Nov 9, Dec 14, Jan 11, Feb 8, and Mar 14 (second Saturday of the month). Indoor Championships will be in April and are through ONTarget – date to be announced later.
Air Pistol/Rifle matches (again ONTarget membership is required) will start at 10:00 am, .22 rifle matches will start around 12:00 pm. If a storm date is required, we will try to plan to move matches one week later.
Anyone interested can contact me and I will put their contact info on an email list to send match reminders and/or info. This (although a true Provincial Competition) is offered to simply get more gun owners shooting and at a very reasonable cost.
Mark Richards
Summer Matches (2019 history):

Saturday May 11th 2019, we will have our first LSBA Summer Match of the season. We will also have the opportunity to shoot CSSA Target, the competition continues to be in place for its second year.

The LSBA summer event is a no cost, no prize based structure designed to make time for participants to continue to keep their skills up during the summer months and to continue with the comradery of shooting sports. At this time, I’m not sure if it will continue to be a province wide event as our convenor has a major turbulence in his live. I may know more by match date.
Match dates:

Saturday May 11, 2019 and every second Saturday of the months following.

Air Pistol / Air Rifle starts at 10:00 AM
.22 rimfire competitions (LSBA indoor silhouette and hunter rifle, CSSA .22 20 yd handgun) will start after… expecting at noon.
Please be there 15 minutes in advance of the start times so we can begin on time.
LSBA -no cost, no prizes…bring your own targets. This is designed to be a fun and practice match setup.
CSSA – still $50.00 for yearly unlimited number of targets / shooting discipline.  As always please supply your own targets.
Please let me know if you as a new competitor needs more info (or check what was sent out in the past).